We're One! 🎉🎉🎉

There hasn't been much of a chatter over here, but that's only because the past quarter has been so kind to us.

We can't believe we're saying it - Bask Communications survived the one year mark!


We'll always be thankful to Kara Bensley from The WYLD Shop for taking the plunge in becoming Bask Communication's Client #1, and for her endless positivity, encouragement and support.

In the past year, we've worked on 14 projects from 13 clients across fashion, beauty, food, social and lifestyle businesses. We stayed true to supporting small business owners such as Biconi and The WYLD Shop, as well as the community through work with Love Action Project. The social enterprise has brought us from Chinese New Year celebration with migrant workers living in Singapore, to a fun-filled day of experiencing new sports with athletes from Special Olympics Singapore during the Ultimate Grit Challenge by Dun & Bradstreet Singapore. 

Ultimate Grit Challenge with Love Action Project, Dun & Bradstreet Singapore and Special Olympics Singapore    

Ultimate Grit Challenge with Love Action Project, Dun & Bradstreet Singapore and Special Olympics Singapore


Alexis Bauduin, Top Dog at YOLO Group    

Alexis Bauduin, Top Dog at YOLO Group


2017 also marked the very first time we worked on a PR project for the halal F&B industry. Bask Communications was engaged by YOLO Group to get the news out there to the Muslim community when YOLO Food got its halal certification. Halal heathy food, yay! Through our digital PR strategy and programme with key influencers and media in the Malay community, we helped triple YOLO's following on Instagram, and generated many more business profiles for founder Alexis Bauduin on his business journey. 

Our biggest win of the year? Partnering up with Red Bull Singapore for the Red Bull Racing Team when they were in town for Singapore Grand Prix 2017. In addition to media relations, we worked closely together with the team to produce Dan and Max: How NOT to Open a Duriangarnering over 18 million views globally, and thousands of conversations for the brand and drivers.

To all the clients who have journeyed with us, thank you. To all the individuals who gave us a lift in times of need, thank you. To all the media friends for your encouragement and support, thank you. 

We can't wait for what Terrific Two will bring.